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“Michael has given me a few readings over the years. I always find that they give me insight into energies influencing my life which I probably would have been struggling against without his explanations. I think of the ancient Chinese proverb “Don’t push the river…” Once the subtle currents of energy affecting your life have been mapped out it is just easier to negotiate and go with the flow. The readings help put your life into perspective; into the larger scheme of things.”


A few years ago we decided to get a Vedic astrology reading done.  The personal information  shared was both relevant and timely.  It helped us to better understand our individual and family circumstances at that time.  Also explained, were the length of cycles and new cycles that would be changing in the future.  The reading looked at many aspects of ones’ life and helped to fill in blanks in ways that were not shown in other astrological approaches.  We are thankful for the knowledge that was shared.

Dale and Paul Pond

The Vedic reading brought me to a new awareness and understanding of my actions and reactions.  With that came acceptance and compassion for myself and consequently for others as well.

Eileen Holland