About Michael Bradford


Michael Bradford began learning Western astrology in 1982 and has been practicing the Vedic form exclusively since 1995. During this time, he received his astrological training from Hart DeFouw, the well-known and classically trained jyotishi from Toronto. This instruction included the Trilogy Foundation courses, and specialized courses on Tajika Prashna, Nakshatra, Vastu, Vedic Palmistry, Shri Pati Padhati, Darpana and others.

Although his education and early career were in the computer industry, Michael felt a strong urge to explore the spiritual process such as mystical experiences, and spent 6 years from 1978 to 1984 living and working in India in the fields of consciousness research and Kundalini. During this time, he acquired a basic understanding of the philosophical systems of India of which Jyotisha is an integral part.

It is Michael's hope to use this profound, comprehensive and dynamic system to help others to understand the karmic patterns in their life.